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Integrated Production System

Support from mold-making to machining finish, CASTEM responds to a wide range of needs as an all-around parts manufacturer 

With the strict quality control and integrated production system, we are able to offer competitive delivery time and price.

Additionally, working with reliable business partners (subcontractors) enables us to provide a full support from materials to finished products.

Lost Wax

“Lost Wax”, a flexible investment casting method for any shape, material and strength.

Parts made by lost wax casting satisfy the diverse needs of various industries, thanks to the flexibility and the quality of our technology. We are dedicated to pursue the exquisite quality and accuracy, to provide products with more value.

Metal Injection Molding (MIM)

As a pioneer of Metal Injection Molding, CASTEM is devoted to provide high quality products.

Metal Injection Molding(MIM) is a next generation technology that enables production of complex three-dimensional parts, accurate to the millimeter. Parts made of hard-to-machine materials can be manufactured by MIM. MIM is expected to play a significant role in making micro-parts for medical and electronic devices.

Material List – Lost Wax

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