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Our story

The Precision Parts Manufacturer

Founded in 1948 as a candy company Castem has evolved into a multinational advanced technology lost wax and metal injection molding organization. With multiple facilities in Japan, the Philippines, Thailand, Colombia and Irvine California we can ensure the most economical and rapid response to our client’s metal component requirements. Our expertise in both Metal Injection Molding and Lost Wax technology facilities the selection of the best technology suited to our client’s needs.

Castem has developed a unique and specialized system of prototyping capable of producing a few as one prototype component. Our extensive contemporary equipment enables rapid, accurate prototypes and finished product production with world class quality control.

Map of Castem offices

Product Development and Production Flow

Castem’s “Integrated Production System” provides our client’s full support through; prototyping, mould making to full scale production. Below are the steps we follow to ensure the highest quality result.

Product Development and Production Flow

Quality Testing

Castem employs the most advanced analysis methods and testing equipment in the quality testing of its client’s products. CASTEM products are manufactured under a strict system of quality control. To satisfy the required accuracy and durability we carry out multiple test and inspections, which are highlighted below.

X-Ray Analysis

Castem’s X-ray machine not only for an examination, but also to determine such as the position of Gate or the optimized temperature required to produce the highest quality products.

Leak Testing

By pre-programming the part to be measured and setting the product on a measuring table, high-precision size measurement can be performed. We strive to accelerate product measuring, increase the precision of measurements, and minimize defects in our products.

Metallurgical Analysis

Traditionally, the measuring process was carried out manually, but through programming it is possible to automate this process, which contributes to faster inspection. We expect to be able to further streamline our measuring techniques by automating the registration of the size measurement data to the inspection report sheet, etc.

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