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Castem microfocus CT scan

Castem uses CT Scanning for the identification and quantification of internal defects – not detected by standard X-Ray methods. CT scanning can collect data from assembled products, which faciliates in reverse engineering. Castems method provides precision 3D measurement of micro-parts that cannot be measured with coordinate measuring machine (CMM) methods. It also allows internal analysis of assembled parts, and identification of fiber orientation in fiber containing composite materials and the degree of dispersion, internal distribution of componentry and the relative state of composite materials.

Our X-ray machine not only for an examination, but also to determine such as the position of Gate or the optimized temperature required to produce the highest quality products.

Benefits of Micro-Focus CT Scan

Study Internal Defects

Precise 3D Measurements of Internal Micro-Parts

Non-Destructive Measurements of Internal Structures

Internal Analysis of Assembled Parts

Analysis of Material Structures

Reverse Engineering of Parts