Top CT Scan of Halloween’s Most Popular Candy – Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup

It is nearly that time of year again, when the little ghouls and goblins in their wonderful costumes come knocking at your door with a proposal.

“Trick or Treat!”

In which we all inevitably comply with a treat.

With that said, in celebration of this ghoulish time of year, we at Castem Technology Laboratories would like to present a CT Scan of Halloween’s most popular candy, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups*.

With Castem’s little CT Twist, you’ll be able to see the inside of a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup. Perhaps you’ve taken a bite and looked at the half bitten side of a Reese’s, but you’ve never seen it like this.

With out further ado, here is the CT Scan of a Reese’s from a virtual unwrapping to a section analysis.


The following CT Scans were acquired using our Nikon MCT225, Microfocus X-Ray Metrology CT Scanner. 

1- Reese’s

CT Scan Image Wrapped
CT Scan Image Unwrapped

In the above video, during the first cross-section you will notice bright white dots in the Reese’s. These are denser materials whereas the black dots are lighter materials or pores.

The second cross-section is a Void Analysis which highlights the voids within the Reese’s. You can see the fine pores in materials of the Reese’s highlighted in blue and then a larger pink void within the middle of the Reese’s.

You’ll notice above the larger pink void is a dent to the outer chocolate layer. From our CT Scan you can determine the dent was a result of the void directly under the top layer of chocolate, making this area particularly susceptible to deformation.

Regardless of the voids within the Reese’s, we all know it’s going to taste just as delicious with or without a dent.

Happy Halloween!

*USA Today Poll: